Alumna Highlight: Amy Sauceda

Amy Sauceda, BSW Spring 22′, works for The Green Chair Project, a local Raleigh non-profit that aims to provide essential household needs to those who cannot afford them.

As the Program Coordinator, Amy works with a team to assist families and individuals who need household furnishings. According to Amy, “This is done by receiving referrals from our partnering agencies to help us identify what type of needs their clients need. Primarily, the Green Chair works to create various living room and kitchen setting packages from the donations we receive.”

Amy also works closely with the client for them to provide input on the package and to ensure they have seen it prior to it being sent out.

Reminiscing about her education at NC State, Amy claims, “I believe everything in my BSW education prepared me for my current position.”

While at the School of Social Work, Amy worked in a multitude of positions. She worked as an Athletic Counselor for Camp Riverlea, a Peer Mentor for TRIO, a Summer Symposium Counselor for NC State’s Multicultural Student Affairs, and an Office Assistant for the School of Social Work. During the height of COVID-19, Amy got a job as a Habilitation Technician for Maxim Healthcare Services. These experiences eventually led to her Senior Field Placement at Kids On Up Psychotherapy.

These experiences taught her important lessons related to her current position at The Green Chair. “You want to treat the family and individual with dignity and respect no matter where they are coming from. As well as being equitable in the resources they obtain from our agency.”

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