Dr. Taliaferro Promoted to Professor

Our School is pleased to announce the promotion of Dr. Jocelyn DeVance Taliaferro to the rank of Professor in the NC State School of Social Work, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, effective August 16, 2022.

Dr. Taliaferro’s promotion is particularly noteworthy because she is the first faculty member to climb the professorial ranks from Assistant to Associate to (Full) Professor in Social Work, at NC State. Dr. Taliaferro came to the Social Work Program in 2003 where she began her academic career as a promising Assistant Professor. Her interdisciplinary scholarship is focused on capacity building of individuals, organizations, and communities.

Over the past 18 years she has co-authored several books, written numerous articles on social policy and research methods, obtained multiple grants, and is regularly invited to speak and present to both academic and community audiences. She has held several leadership positions at NC State and is a highly lauded mentor and educator. Moreover, Dr. T. (as she is fondly referred) is the first faculty member that has served in the administrative positions of MSW Director, Associate Head and BSW Director. Thus, her leadership and administrative acumen are unparalleled in the School of Social Work.

2 responses on “Dr. Taliaferro Promoted to Professor

  1. Mary Pugh-Bailey says:

    Congratulations, Dr. T. You were an inspiration to me during my academic journey at NCSU.

  2. stacy c gunter says:

    Congrats, Dr. T.!!!

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