A New Grant to Support Future LCAS Professionals

The NC State School of Social Work is the recipient of a $10,000 grant from the North Carolina Governor’s Institute on Substance Use Disorders.  This grant supports scholarships for Master of Social Work students completing the North Carolina Addiction Specialist Professional Practice Board’s Criteria C Program.  This effort is geared toward increasing the number of Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialists working in North Carolina to provide services for individuals seeking addiction treatment.  Dr. David Fitzpatrick, Coordinator of the Addiction Recovery Specialization, states “This grant is particularly timely as the opioid crisis, in North Carolina and throughout the US continues, to rage.  There is a critical need to equip social workers with the skills needed to prevent and treat alcohol and other drug addictions.”

Master of Social Work students pursuing the Addiction Recovery Specialty complete the requirements to become a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate while in the MSW program. They then have an expedited pathway to full (LCAS-A) licensing.  The Specialization requires students to take a total of four electives in the area of Substance Use Disorders and complete a 300-hour supervised practicum. If you are interested in supporting the Addiction Recovery education, training and preparation of NC State graduate students, please visit our giving page to donate to the School of Social Work Field Enhancement Fund.

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