Dr. Kim Stansbury Appointed Associate Head

The School of Social Work is pleased to announce that Dr. Kim L. Stansbury, MSW, has been appointed Associate Head after having served as the MSW Program Director since 2015. As Dr. Stansbury transitions to her new administrative role, she will continue to mentor junior faculty and graduate teaching assistants, as a tenured Associate Professor in the School of Social Work.

Most recently, Dr. Stansbury was selected to receive the 2021-2022 inaugural CHASS Faculty Colleague Mentoring Award. It is indeed an honor to be chosen for this award, which acknowledges the invaluable guidance, support, and coaching that Dr. Stansbury generously offers to colleagues to help them grow in the academic profession. She has taught BSW and MSW students in the areas of social justice, aging and social work community practice; served on doctoral committees and other college-level and university committees. Prior to joining the faculty at NC State, Dr. Stansbury was the tenured faculty member at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington for 10 successful years.

Dr. Stansbury’s current research and practice have been focused primarily in the area of gerontology, mental health interventions with faith communities, mental health literacy, domestic violence, and gambling addiction. She is a John A. Hartford Faculty Scholar and Co-Investigator on several extramural funded grant projects. She was recently elected to the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Aging Research. Her research has been published in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work, Social Work and Mental Health, Social Work and Cultural Diversity and Social Justice, and Social Work and Addictions. She has presented on these topics nationally and internationally.

She is quoted as saying, “Having served in the role of MSW Director for the past five years has been rewarding, with my greatest honor being the students and junior faculty whom I have mentored and helped prepare for the Social Work profession. This new endeavor as Associate Head feels like a natural progression to continue on this journey of making a difference in the lives of others.”

As Head of the School of Social Work, Dr. Karen Bullock states, “I can say with sincere admiration that there is no better person for this position, at this time, than Dr. Stansbury. She is the epitome of professional social work and its commitment to social justice equity and inclusion. Moreover, she is an incredibly compassionate, highly competent and charismatic leader. I look forward to having Dr. Stansbury on the School of Social Work leadership team, in her new role as Associate Head; and I thank her in advance for her honorable service.”

2 responses on “Dr. Kim Stansbury Appointed Associate Head

  1. Elnora (Bonnie) Harrison says:

    Kim I am not surprised that the “powers that be”, recognized you as the very best for this upward ascention into more academic, professional, and just plain, human greatness. I am so happy for you, and know your students will continue to have the kind of experience with you at the helm, that motivates them to, like you, strive to lean into their highest potential and greatness. Congratulations my sisterfriend!!!

  2. Mary Pugh-Bailey says:

    Congratulations Dr. Stansbury !!
    Mary Pugh-Bailey
    Director Field Education
    Shaw University
    “Alum from NCSU Social Work Program , 2011”

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