NC State School of Social Work Statement: March 23, 2021

The recent mass shooting, targeting Asians and Pacific Islanders in the Atlanta area that killed eight people was a heinous crime, which we in social work “stand up and speak out” against, in support of Asian and Pacific Islander students, neighbors, friends, family members, colleagues and communities at large. The NC State School of Social Work campus community, alumni and friends are raising our collective voice against the deplorable racist incidents and the intolerance that have resulted in the loss of lives among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

We mourn with our nation as we see and feel the increase in anti-Asian racism, the vulnerability imposed upon women, Asian, and Pacific Islander communities, in addition to the traumatic experiences of such violent attacks that have surged over the past year, since the COVID-19 pandemic. Eliminating rhetoric that fuels anti-Asian hate crimes is essential.

As a School of Social Work, a community of dedicated social justice advocates and #PackUnited, we are committed to being change agents for healthy, safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces to thrive. For the wellbeing of our nation, we must commit ourselves as a society of social workers, to eradicating racial violence of all forms racism (systemic, internal, structural, explicit and implicit). We extend heartfelt sorrow to those who have lost loved ones, as well as, the survivors of violent racial attacks. Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the health and safety of our community. If you see something that looks like a racist incident, say something to someone who can help to achieve a positive outcome. Please “speak up and speak out,” as we aim to move #ForwardTogether.

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