Drs. Sarah Ascienzo and Maura Nsonwu Appointed Center for New North Carolinians Fellows

Dr. Sarah Ascienzo, an Assistant Professor at the NC State School of Social Work, has been appointed as a Center for New North Carolinians (CNNC) Fellow for the 2020-2022 program and academic years. Dr. Ascienzo is the second School of Social Work faculty member to be appointed a CNNC Fellow after Dr. Maura Nsonwu joined in 2004.

The CNNC, located at UNC Greensboro and founded in 2001, aims to promote access and integration for immigrants and refugees in North Carolina. Beginning as a small group, the CNNC has grown to a network of over 100 fellows. The CNNC Fellows are community-based academics, professionals, and practitioners who undertake community-based research, advocacy, education, outreach, and practice related to refugees and immigrants. Currently, the CNNC Fellows’ Theme is “COVID-19 and Refugee and Immigrant Communities — Impact and Response.”

For more information on the UNC Greensboro CNNC or to get involved in their volunteer opportunities, please visit their website at cnnc.uncg.edu.

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