Staff Corner – We’re Here for You

During these challenging times, the NC State School of Social Work staff is here to help! While they may not be in the office physically, our staff is working remotely to keep our school operating smoothly. Let’s meet a few of our staff members and discuss their roles in assisting students currently.

Susan Lamb, the Academic Advising Coordinator, has worked at NC State since 1991. After arriving at NC State from Texas, she earned her master’s degree in Counselor Education and worked as an Academic Advisor for the First Year College (now known as Exploratory Studies). Since then, Ms. Lamb has devoted her career to helping students find their path and planning to accomplish their goals. “I have always loved the energy on a college campus – and the enthusiasm of its students,” she said.

Rena Gobble, the Business Services Coordinator, has spent over 20 years as a member of the Wolfpack family. While this position is her first time working in an academic unit at NC State, Ms. Gobble expresses her enthusiasm for her work and learning new things.

Daniel Corn, the Graduate Student Services Coordinator, has worked in a university setting since 2002 as both a part-time instructor and in administrative roles. During this time, he has been with NC State for 11 years. According to Mr. Corn, “The most motivating and rewarding aspect to working in the School of Social Work is the commitment to social justice and being a part of a team dedicated to opening up opportunities to a diverse body of students.”

Alex Parsons, the Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator, joined the School of Social Work in January 2020. Earning his Master of Business Administration degree in 2019, his background includes a variety of marketing, communications, and student services experience. Since joining our school, Mr. Parsons has dedicated his time to managing a wide variety of tasks to support our social work students, faculty, and school. “Working at the School of Social Work has been a true pleasure. It is the perfect workplace for someone who wishes to see progress and positive growth on a daily basis through student success, school programs, and meaningful research,” he said.

Due to the many impacts COVID-19 has had on the NC State community, our staff members have worked to maintain their availability to students, faculty, and other staff. They have kept the main office open remotely for all phone calls and emails since the campus has implemented social distancing requirements. Our staff highly encourages students to contact them regarding any questions they may have, academic or otherwise. As Ms. Lamb said, “I tell my students (and I firmly believe this) that their mental and physical health is the most important thing. We can figure out the school “stuff” once we know you will be OK. And if we talk on the phone or via Zoom while we are all still working remotely, I apologize in advance if one of my dogs (Boone or Cooper) interrupts our conversation with a bark.”

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