NC State Social Work Student Chosen to Attend National Conference for College Women Student Leaders

Alexis Jackson at The National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, GA.

Alexis Jackson, an MSW student at NC State, has been selected by the Women’s Center to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). During this conference, attendees will be educated on today’s most pressing issues, develop new leadership skills while expanding on their current skill set, and make lifelong connections with peers across the country The conference will take place from May 27-30 at the University of Maryland.

Throughout her graduate studies, Alexis has focused much of her work on human trafficking. She currently interns with Project FIGHT, a unit of the Salvation Army that aids those impacted by human trafficking since 2011. According to Alexis, “My internship has exposed me to several aspects of combatting human trafficking. I have attended press conferences, government-led meetings, sting operations as well as different networking events.” Referencing her future internship and career opportunities, she hopes to, “…intern either with the NC Human Trafficking Commission or Chapel-Hill Police Crisis Intervention Unit. During my final year of my master’s, I plan to apply to law enforcement and government agencies. I would like to either become a Special Agent for NCSBI or the FBI. I hope to be a part of a crisis negotiation unit or a hostage rescue team.” 

For now, Alexis is looking forward to the NCCWSL, where she hopes to be inspired. “I applied to attend the conference so that I could enhance my leadership skills, network with other student leaders from various backgrounds, and learn from women who are leading all over the country, every day.”

At this conference, Alexis believes she will become better prepared to engage her clients. According to her, ”As a social worker, it is important that we support our clients and lead them in a positive direction. It is common for those in need to lack knowledge of resources specifically for them. So, I believe the experience I gain will prepare me to use my voice to lead and advocate for individuals, families, and communities. I want clients to feel motivated and believe that they can change their situations. I want them to feel like I am beside them every step of the way, never in front, because that is a leader. Someone who works alongside their team and makes everyone feel important.”


Update: The NCCWSL has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The rescheduled date has not been announced yet.

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