Department of Social Work Well Represented at CSWE APM 2019

The Department of Social Work was well represented at CSWE APM 2019 this year. In addition to 22 HRSA students who attended as part of their BHWET and OWEP Education, six faculty members, and four MSW students also had the opportunity to attend CSWE APM. 


(Above) Three of our MSW students serving at Graduate Teaching Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants in the Department of Social Work (Right – Irang Kim)

Irang Kim, an MSW student and Graduate Teaching Assitant in the Department of Social Work  said, “CSWE APM was full of enthusiastic social work educators and I really appreciate this opportunity that allowed me to interact with them. The professors and doctoral students from diverse backgrounds gave me valuable advice coming out of their experience. It was an honor for me to represent NC State Department of Social Work. ” 
(Above) MSW Student, Paige Moore (left) attends CSOGIE Reception
Paige Moore, Second-year MSW student, NC State alumna, Graduate Teaching Assistant, and Research Assistant also attended the conference where she attended the Council on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (CSOGIE) Reception which was sponsored by the Department of Social Work at NC State. Moore said, “I loved attending CSWE APM and the CSOGIE reception. The workshops that I attended and the conversations that I had with social work practitioners and educators were inspirational! I truly enjoyed and felt honored to represent the Department of Social Work at CSWE APM!” 
(Above) Jenn Mathurin (left) pictured with the Social Worker for the Carolina Panthers (middle) and Dr. Bullock (right) head of the NC State Department of Social Work. 

In addition to attending CSWE APM 2019, NC State alumna, Graduate Research Assistant and MSW student Jenn Mathurnin also attended the Alliance of Social Workers in Sports Conference.  The ASWIS conference was held in Denver, Colorado during the same week as CSWE APM. “I absolutely loved participating in the 3rd annual ASWIS conference in Denver. Being a former college athlete, I have a strong passion and understanding for the need of athlete’s overall wellness. Mental health and athletes is a topic that is more talked about and it was really amazing to be surrounded with people who share the same interest and passion I have about the matter. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to talk, and listen to the presentations as well as participate in the different workshops available at the conference. Overall, this was a great experience and I am looking forward to more opportunities like this one in the future. Go Social Work!” Mathurin said of the conference. 

Dr. Intae Yoon (center) presenting on the origins of the term “social work”. Photo credit Dr. Qiana Cryer-Coupet.
Several Department of Social Work faculty members also attended the conference and presented their research. See the list of oral and poster presentations by our esteemed faculty below. 

Ascienzo, S. & Sprang, G. (Oct. 26 2019). Gender-related differences in symptom progression and trauma
narratives during TF-CBT. Oral Presentation. Denver, CO.

Casstevens, W.J., & Hall, J.K. (Oct. 25 2019). Engaging Students in Suicide Prevention Efforts on Campus:
Lessons Learned. Poster Presentation. Denver, CO.

Hall, J.K., & Ames, N.R. (Oct. 26 2019). Environmental toxins and environmental justice: What are the roles
for social workers? Oral Presentation. Denver, CO.

Lemmons, B., Cryer-Coupet, Q.R., Bellamy, J., & Shadik, J. (Oct. 26 2019). Training social work practitioners
to engage men and fathers in clinical practice. Panel Presentation. Denver, CO.

Nsonwu, M., Welch Brewer, C., Folarin, O., Jerrigan, Q., Durham, L., Marshall, A., & Bailey, G. (Oct. 25 2019).
Unity is our strength: Perspectives on the recruitment and retention of African American male social
work students. Poster Presentation. Denver, CO.

Yoon, I. (Oct. 26 2019). The term “social work”: Its origin and the meanings for the future. Poster Presentation.
Denver, CO.


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