NC State Social Work Faculty Present at CSWE APM 2018

Faculty Presentations

Beecher, B., Stansbury, K., & Hall, J.K. (Nov. 10 2018). Problem gambling among older adults: Increasing skills and awareness in field education. Poster Presentation. Orlando, FL.

Brigham, R., Hall, J.K., Selz-Campbell, L., & Ross, T. (Nov. 11 2018). Navigating Racism in Social Work Field Education. Paper Presentation. Orlando, FL.

Cryer-Coupet, Q.R., Hope, E.C., & Washington, T. (Nov. 9, 2018). The gift and curse: Young Black males, racial identity and racial discrimination. Paper Presentation. Orlando, FL.

Hall, J.K., Ellis, A., Fitzpatrick, D.C. & Bullock, K., (Nov. 11, 2018).  Inter-Professional Education in a non-medical center affiliated MSW Program: Challenges and Successes. Paper Presentation. Orlando, FL.

Shin, A., Yoon, I., Park, J. H. (Nov. 9 2018). Psychological Self-Sufficiency and Financial Literacy among Low-Income Jobseekers: A Non-Cognitive Empowerment-Based Approach. Paper Presentation. Orlando, FL.

Thomas, S., Byrd, Y., Moore, D., & Nsonwu, M.B. (Nov. 11, 2018). Strategies for Increasing MSW Program Diversity: Partnering with a Historically Black College/University. Paper Presentation. Orlando, FL. 

Yoon, I., & Chung, I. (Nov. 9 2018). Needs for Inter-professional Education with Economics and Finance to Fight Economic Injustice. Poster Presentation. Orlando, FL.

Photos of Faculty Poster Presentations



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