Social Work Faculty Member Invited to Present in Seoul, Korea

During the summer of 2016, Dr. Casstevens attended the William Glasser Institute’s international conference. The organization is named in honor of Dr. William Glasser, who developed reality therapy and choice theory. This year, the bi-annual conference was held at the Grand Hilton in Seoul, Korea. The conference was titled “Hand in Hand for Happiness”. Dr. Casstevens was invited to present two workshops. Those included “Putting Clients at the Center of Program Planning: The Use of Focus Groups & WDEP (‘Wants, Directions, Evaluation, Plan’)” as well as a co-presentation with Gloria Smith Cissé, LPC, LMSW on “Using Choice Theory when Treating Sex Offenders”. Workshop presenters represented a total of eleven countries.


Some highlights of the event for Dr. Casstevens include the distinguished plenary speakers as well as the conference organizer, Professor Rose-Inza Kim. Professor Rose-Inza Kim also serves as Director of the Korea Counseling Center and President of WGI-Korea. The conference celebrated the 50th anniversary of Reality Therapy plus the 30th anniversary of the Korea Counseling Center.

“It was such a marvelous learning experience” states Dr. Casstevens, “I learned about how one theoretical approach can be applied in incredibly diverse ways across multiple cultures.” The importance of this, as Dr. Casstevens has pointed out, is noted in the NASW Code of Ethics’ emphasis on diversity.

View Dr. Casstevens presentation Putting Clients at the Center of Program Planning : The Use of Focus Groups and WDEP 


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  1. Beverly LaFond says:

    Thank you Bianca Olivares for the excellent article. It was a privilege to attend one of the two workshops that Dr. Casstevens presented in Korea last summer. She is a true professional and very kind also. The pictures are a nice souvenir. I look forward to seeing her again at WGI-US this summer and perhaps meeting you there.

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