Department of Social Work at NC State: New Student Successes


New Student Successes!

Sierra Stanford is a junior in the BSW program. A video she made for an assignment in her human behavior class was selected by The New Social Worker magazine’s Social Work Month Series and Talent Show. For her video, Sierra interviewed her grandmother and aunt to highlight the developmental stage of older adulthood. The video can be seen on The New Social Worker website:

  Student members of the department’s Student Affairs Committee developed and pretested a PowerPoint presentation aimed at students in the Community Social Services (SW 201). The presentation provides basic ethics education to students before they begin doing 40 hours of volunteer work in the community. Megan Peedin (BSW, May 2015) presented and evaluated the presentation for her Honors Program capstone project. She used the data she collected to write a report suggesting improvements. The revised presentation is now incorporated into the SW 201 syllabus and will be delivered at the beginning of each semester. Jason Tuell (MSW, May 2015) was instrumental in initiating, organizing, and developing the presentation. Other key players were: Erica Smith (MSW, May 2014), Amanda Miller (BSW, December 2014), Lacey Shankle (BSW, May 2015), Tahiri Tanyi (BSW, December 2014), and Ashley Shaw (BSW, May 2014; MSW, May 2015).

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