Department of Social Work: Child Welfare Collaborative

The Child Welfare Education Collaborative is a scholarship program that equips both graduate and undergraduate social work students with the skills needed to be successful within the field of Child Welfare. The Collaborative was set forth by the North Carolina State Legislature in 1999 in order to prepare college students for work within the child welfare system through providing pre-service training and support along with providing financial assistance in exchange for employment with in the field of Child Welfare in North Carolina. The goal of the Child Welfare Education Collaborative is to cultivate competent, family centered, social workers with a level of expertise in working in Child Welfare System specifically focusing on issues of abuse and neglect in cases involving children and families. North Carolina State University is one of the 16 colleges in North Carolina that participates in the collaborative. With seven students currently enrolled in the program, two graduates and five undergraduates, NC State continues to assist students in pursuing a career in Child Welfare.

To align ourselves with the mission and requirements of the Child Welfare Education Collaborative, the Department of Social Work at NC State offers courses in child welfare, SW 415/418 for undergraduate students and SW 515/518 for Graduates, that covers all pre-service training. In addition to these two courses students who are enrolled in the Collaborative also attend monthly seminars (418/518) and other trainings to further their skills and knowledge about working in the field. North Carolina State University promotes partnership with other schools around the Triangle area. Mock Trial is a training event in which NC State partners with both the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and North Carolina Central University Law programs in order to provide students an opportunity of what it is like to work in a courtroom setting as well as apply the skills in their training. NC State also partners with Shaw University to training faculty and administrators who work with the collaborative. Additionally the coordinators for the NC States’ Department of Social Work’s MSW and BSW programs along with the Collaborative coordinator, Mary Morris, attend statewide informational and educational meeting to stay up to date on current policy changes. Recently the Child Welfare Education Collaborative has experience some financial cutbacks due to upcoming Governor‘s Budget which is expected to cut State funding to social work. The Budget would suspend financial funding of new students interested in participating in the collaborative. However Graduate and undergraduate students can still participate however as a waiver student, which allows them to complete their pre-service training allowing them to become eligible for internships or entry level positions in child welfare upon graduation. If you are interested in pursuing a career in Child Welfare this is a program that you might want to take part in. 

9 responses on “Department of Social Work: Child Welfare Collaborative

  1. Kassandra E. Ramos says:

    To Whom it May Concern,
    I intend to apply to the MSW program at your institution. Does a student apart of the MSW program apply for the NC Child Welfare Collaborative once they are in the MSW program or is there a separate program students show an interest in once they get into and begin the program?
    I appreciate any clarification you can provide.

    1. Paige Moore says:

      Hello Kassandra, thank you for your question. Students apply for the Child Welfare Collaborative once they are admitted to NC State’s Department of Social Work.

  2. Kendra Horne says:

    After I was to graduate if I had been apart of this program, would I only be eligible for an entry level position in a child welfare agency located in Raleigh or would I perhaps be able to start a position at an agency located near my hometown?
    Thank you!

    1. Paige Moore says:

      Hello Kendra,

      Thank you for your question. After completion the Child Welfare program you are able to pursue positions in cities other than Raleigh.

      – Paige Moore

  3. Melinda Palmer says:

    Is it possible you can enroll in the child welfare program for NC while attending a online university outside NC?

  4. Melinda Palmer says:

    I am starting an online masters program out of NC.Can I apply for the Child Welfare program for NC if I live here?.

  5. Hene says:

    To who it might concern
    I’m currently an INDIANA resident but want to relocate to Raleigh and I’m currently an Ivytech community college student in central Indiana, I was wondering if I can transfer my credit from human services major to school of social work in NC which was my plan to do in Indiana
    Any advice would be appreciated!
    Thank you for your time!

  6. SRH says:

    I would like to know how to apply for the child welfare collaborative training. I’m a current BSW graduate recently graduated May of 2018

  7. MsBarnes says:

    I’m a decent graduate with BSW and has been interested in child welfare since i started school how would i get in this program?

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