Department of Social Work Student Success Feature: Andrew Johnson

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The Department of Social Work at NC State takes great pride in cultivating the next generation of social workers who act as agents of change within their communities through advocacy and community engagement. At their core, social workers should strive to improve their communities for all individuals while breaking barriers that prevent or challenge the social rights of individuals. Andrew Johnson is one of the many student leaders within the Department of Social Work who embodies the meaning of what it means to be advocate for social change in his community. As a senior double majoring in Psychology and Social Work at NC State, Johnson is very committed to creating change in the lives of adolescents in the community. Johnson has worked with youth on many levels. He is currently serving the youth of Leesville Elementary and Middle Schools in Raleigh, North Carolina as an intern working closely with school social workers in order to gain field experience. Prior to this experience, Johnson was involved with organizations such as The Autism Society of North Carolina in which he worked on an individual basis with clients to strengthen life skills and behavioral management. Johnson also volunteered at the Haven House Youth Services where he served as a tutor for their after school program. In addition to his other volunteer commitments, Johnson has also participated in various other community services such as the Raleigh Rescue Mission and with the Wake County Human Services. Though his off campus achievements are impressive, Johnson has also made a name for himself on campus. He is involved with a number of student organizations both at the departmental level and across campus. At the departmental level, Johnson is a member of Phi Alpha Social Work National Honor Society, as well as the Baccalaureate Students of Social Work Association which is an undergraduate organization dedicated to servicing both the NC State community as well as the greater city of Raleigh through various programs and initiatives. However, Johnson’s’ community memberships do not stop there. Johnson is also a Co-Founder of the newly established Men in Social Work student organization where he presently serves as the Vice President and an active member  of Campus Crusade for Christ, a student-led Christian Organization on campus. Upon graduating in May of 2015, Johnson plans to attend graduate school at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to acquire his Masters’ Degree before seeking employment. After getting his Masters, Johnson either wants to remain an asset to his community through the school system as a School Social Worker or look in to working with other health professionals to provide individuals with access to resources to ensure overall health before obtaining his License in Clinical Social Work. Johnson attributes much of his success to the support of his loving family and devout friends. “Growing up,” he said  “I was very involved in my church which opened my eyes to various communities and the situations of the individuals living in those communities. Working with different people and hearing their stories allowed me to relate to people that were different than me. As Social Workers, we are lucky to connect and build relationships with individuals in order to evoke change and positively impact communities.” When asked what he would miss about being a member of the Wolfpack, Johnson stated that he “would miss the connections” he has made throughout his journey here at NC State, especially his fellow classmates and faculty who have made an impact in his life.

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