Social Work Faculty Member Presents at International Conference in Taiwan

(Above – Dr. Ellis made a day trip to this small town on the coast.)

Dr. Alan Ellis traveled to Taipei, Taiwan in October 2014 for the 30th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology and Therapeutic Risk Management. In pharmacoepidemiology, researchers often compare the effects of different drugs by observing real-world data, rather than manipulating experimental conditions in a lab or clinic. Although it may not seem obvious at first, this field has a lot in common with social work, because understanding the effects of social work interventions often requires observing people under different conditions, rather than running a randomized controlled trial.

At the conference, Dr. Ellis delivered a podium presentation and contributed two research posters. All three presentations (abstracts 346, 464, and 488 in this abstract book) focused on statistical methods for comparing different treatments or interventions. In addition to conference activities, the trip offered international networking opportunities, cultural experiences, good food, and even some hiking.
(Even the airplane food was good.)
(The conference hosts put on quite a show for international participants.)
(The conference presentations could get pretty complicated.)

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