How the 1911 Building Got Its Name

In the early 1900’s, it was a common practice for the students at North Carolina State University to be harassed or hazed upon entering the university. As freshmen, the class of 1911 endured this and didn’t like it one bit. They vowed to end this tradition for the classes coming to the university after them. Once the class of 1911 were sophomores, they split themselves, and the freshmen, up into two groups on opposite sides of Pullen Park, which was then known as the Red Diamond. The two classes then had a big brawl [fist fight] which served to relax any tension between the two for the entire year. After this, the class of 1911 vowed to never haze any student again and they kept their promise. Faculty were so impressed by the behavior of the class of 1911 that they decided to name the building in their honor. Our faculty, staff, and students of the Social Work Department still display these same leadership skills and desire to make positive changes. We live in a world where certain people or groups are still oppressed and are taught to not use their voices because of negative views of others. We as Social Workers are change agents in this broken, happy, lonely, positive, fearful, loving, ever-changing world. Welcome to the 1911 Building. Welcome, to Social Work.

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