Master of Social Work Alumnus Appointed Director of Clinical Services for HD Reach

Huntington’s Disease: a degenerative genetic disorder which affects the brain and muscle coordination and later leads to psychiatric problems such as depression, psychosis and apathy. Named after Dr. George Huntington in 1872, Huntington’s Disease (HD) is now recognized as being one of the more common genetic disorders. In fact, more than a quarter of a million  Americans are at risk of being affected by HD if one parent is affected by the disease. Currently there is no treatment for HD or known ways of stopping the disease from getting worse. However, nonprofit organizations such as HD Reach dedicate their time to assist families affected by HD in North Carolina. HD Reach has named Jared Husketh, a North Carolina native and graduate of NC State’s Master of Social Work Program, as its director of clinical services. Husketh also holds dual bachelor’s degrees in political science and anthropology from NC State. “Jared is uniquely qualified to take the HD Reach mission statewide,” says Clinical Associate in Psychiatry at Duke University and President of HD Reach Dr. Mary Edmondson. “In addition to his education and work experiences, he has been a family caregiver for loved ones with progressive motor and cognitive impairment. He is drawn to work with Huntington’s families because he understands the day-to-day challenges of living with a progressive neurologic disease. With Jared at the helm, we can now bring hope and help to the HD community from the mountains to the coast.” Congratulations, Jared, and thank you for your work to help families affected with Huntington’s Disease! 

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