NC State University Suicide Prevention Program

Dr. Casstevens and Dr. Hall in the CHASS Department of Social Work collaborate with the University Counseling Center, Health Promotion, and GLBT Center, on the NC State University Suicide Prevention Program. The program’s overall goal is a university culture and climate encouraging outreach and help-seeking behaviors, and discouraging prejudice and stigma, in order to achieve a long-term reduction in completed suicides and suicide attempts.  The three major goals of the program are to: (a) increase campus awareness about the risk of suicide among youth and college students; (b) increase campus knowledge of how and where to refer students for assistance and support; and (c) provide high-risk student groups with both information and training on suicide risk assessment, support and referral.  Drs. Casstevens and Hall obtained Garrett Lee Smith Campus suicide prevention funding from SAMHSA to support suicide prevention on campus.  The photo shows Dr. Casstevens showcasing NC State University suicide prevention work at the 2014 Annual Garrett Lee Smith Grantee Meeting in Washington, DC.

Willa at GLS 2014 (1)

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