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Partnering to Help People through Animal Loss


Mental health professionals are increasingly asked to counsel clients through animal crises and loss, despite a dearth of formal education on the human-animal bond.

Jeannine Moga, licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and Advisory Board member of the NC State Department of Social Work will present a seminar to help close the gap in knowledge and practice by providing veterinary practitioners and mental health professionals with a shared understanding of how animal loss affects the people we work with — and how we can collaborate to support them.  Current research on the human-animal bond and loss will be reviewed, and methods for working with animal death – both in the veterinary clinic and in the counselor’s office – will be presented through case examples.  Special attention will be paid to working with people whose animal loss is accompanied by complicated relationships and/or circumstances.  Finally, emerging standards and recommendations around pet loss practice will be presented in order that attendees walk away with real-time tools to better meet the needs of their clients and more effectively partner within their communities.

Seminar details and registration link here.

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